Walkway to the Champagne Pools on Fraser Island

Solo traveling is some peoples dream and others quite simply dread the idea of doing it alone and would consider it a lonely way of seeing the world, but they are fools. I mean each to their own but honestly setting off alone was the best thing I’ve done. As I begun to tell friends I was heading to Australia for a month I got some rather confused and not so enthusiastic looks. I sensed worried expressions.

The thing is with solo traveling, it’s true it’s not for everyone, however, I couldn’t imagine going on this trip with a friend. I felt like I needed a break from home and reality to simply embrace my sense of adventure. I must admit I’m not as free-willed as I’m making out. I did spend a long time planning out my time in Australia as I was determined to cram in as much as I possibly could in the 4 weeks I was there. Plus I didn’t slum it whilst away, I mainly stayed in Airbnb’s, so not the classic backpacker experience if you will.

Whilst planning my time down under the mini trip I was most looking forward to was Mollie’s ‘Where’s Mollie’s Global Travellers’ Adventure #9  Noosa and Fraser Island. If you are into travel blogs and creative travel content, it’s likely you are more than aware of who Mollie is and what WMGT is. If you aren’t please do yourself a favour and check the girl out! Admittedly I had little or no clue what to expect from the trip, my initial worries were; would I bond with anyone? Would they be my kind of people? Would the itinerary be for me? Well let me tell you I had the time of my life and some of my fondest memories in Australia can be linked to Fraser Island.

Fairy Pools taken by Mollie

I won’t bore you with the itinerary break down as you can find this well documented on Lost Worldwide Instagram highlights. I’d rather let you in on a few of the trip’s highlights and the truly magical moments as well as why you should jump at the opportunity to get onto one of Mollie’s up and coming trips this year and who knows you might meet me there too.

The first part of the trip was held in Noosa and I must say for a small coastal town it did not disappoint. Noosa’s gem has to be its national park, we walked along beaches and coves, hiked up steep hills by cliff faces, all in search of views and the famous Fairy Pools. Whilst trekking in the midday sun I wasn’t ready for the views that Hell’s Gate had to offer and was taken aback by it initially (so much so I only took a few photos – whilst I really tried to live in the moment),

One of the very few photos I took at the National Park

At the fairy pools, we cooled off in the water and had a full-on photo shoot, apologies to anyone who was there that afternoon as the Global Travellers really did take over.

Fraser … Fraser frickin’ Island (otherwise known as K’gari) where can I possibly begin to put into the words the feelings you try when walking along its endless beaches and encountering its native wild dingos.  

Read on for my attempt: Our time on Fraser Island was aided by the main man Mark behind Dropbear Adventures, everything was ready for us at camp on arrival meaning the adventure began as soon as we arrived. I really could dedicate a whole blog post to Fraser Island (which I might actually do if it proves popular ). I felt so at one with nature, admittedly I was VERY far outside of my comfort zone in regards to creepy crawlies. If any of you fellow Global Travellers are reading this, I’m sorry for doing the fly dance at the most awkward of times and for frequently having little moments where I would freak out – I loved it really.

Fraser Islands famous shipwreck

A truly magical moment has to be witnessing my first moon rise, yes it’s when you observe the moon rise over the horizon into the Southern Hemisphere, let me set the scene:

‘As a group, we stumbled down to the beach over the sandbank separating camp from the beach with I-phone torches in hand, we settled and nursed our drinks waiting for Mark to reveal why we were sat on the beach. Torches off and huddled together, He told us to stare out to the horizon and wait for the magic to happen. With Sunset Lovers by Petit Biscuit blasting on the speaker we slowly witnessed the moon rising over the horizon. Within a matter of minutes, the beach was lit up by the brightness of an almost full moon, everyone’s shadows slowly but surely grew and crept up the beach. I’ve honestly never been moved by something so beautiful and in that instant felt connected to the Islands vibe. I instantly understood Marks passion for the island. This paired with the clarity of the Milkyway ( you could honestly see everything It was insane ) made me shed a tear of how truly beautiful nature was. The only way I can describe it to you is to open another tab on your browser right now and get an image up of the milky way, basically, I was sat under that in absolute awe. This has to be my K’gari highlight of the week.’

As if this wasn’t enough swimming in the Champagne Pools and floating down Eli Creek were also personal favourites of mine. I must also shoutout the dream team in car number 3, you girls were the best passengers whilst I navigated the islands beaches and sand dunes, I found it incredible that we bonded so much and got to know each other so well in the space of a matter of days. Perhaps it’s because we all had similar interests and were there for the same reason: to explore and have an all-round good time, perhaps it was the magic of Fraser and the constant good vibes we all radiated. Either way, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to join me on Mollie’s #9 Adventure.

4x4s on the beach taken by Lydia Collins

I really couldn’t recommend Mollie’s adventures enough, it was organised so meticulously and there were absolutely no bumps in the road ( sand aside ), everyone is made to feel like a member of the trips family and no one is left out. Given that all accommodation, excursions and most of the meals were included you get so much for your money. Australia is famously expensive whilst travelling, but by attending Mollie’s trip I managed to do a number of things on my bucket list for a fraction of the price.  Prior to the trip, Mollie is so easily contactable and you receive a number of emails with the itinerary breakdown as well as a very sweet voice note to help you prepare you for an adventure of a lifetime.

If you leave this blog having gained knowledge of two things its: Book onto a WMGT adventure as soon as you can and if you are in Australia you absolutely must visit Fraser Island.