Visiting a Balinese Spa

I believe the saying goes ‘have you even been to Bali if you haven’t been to a Balinese Spa or had a traditional Balinese massage’, so of course, we had to find out what all the fuss was about.

We opted with one of Ubud’s most popular and well-known spas, the Kaveri at the Udaya Resort. We must admit expectations were set very high by the standard of reviews and images we’d seen on Instagram and various blogs, and we are pleased to report our experience was nothing short of perfection.

Upon arrival you are given some tea and a short introduction to what massages and mask you will be having along with a time breakdown, we opted for the ‘Couples Signature Package’ which consisted of an hour massage, followed by a 15 minute chocolate full body mask and then 45 minutes to relax and enjoy our personalised flower bath.

Celebration of Flowers Bath, you can pick colours and designs.

Before entering our private room we were asked if we had any specific target areas of problems and also asked to pick an oil. We opted for the classic frangipani oil & the scent along with the strong but relaxing finger strokes soon sent us to into a dreamy state.

The aftermath of our Celebration of Flowers Tub

If you find yourself in Bali a visit to The Udaya is a must, this said, it’s one of the most expensive options in Ubud so if it’s not in budget definitely shop around as Bali is known for its spas and there is something for everyone.

Top Tip for booking: It may seem a little odd at first but the Kaveri Spa on Instagram is where I first made a reservation inquiry, they advise you to book in advance due to its popularity hence why I simply messaged to find out whether the dates I was interested I were free. I got speedy answers to all my questions and from there, I was sent an email with the package and price breakdown as well as a link to pay the 50% deposit. I’d advise going about booking a similar way as it was quick & hassle-free.