If you’ve happened to stumble across this blog, it will hopefully help you find a small glimmer of peace and positivity amidst all the chaos. Given we’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I’ve teamed up with Lost WorldWide OG contributor- Jess, to bring you all a list of top 10 tips to help you stay busy whilst you stay home.

1. Selfcare should be a priority – (nope this isn’t just for the girls) Ladies and Gents, nail bars are shut, hairdressers and barbers are nowhere to be found but that’s no excuse to let yourselves go. I mean, if growing a quarantine beard is your thing then go wild lads, but self-care can be the simplest and most rewarding of rituals.  It’s proven to lift you out of a funk, and hell- you may even come out of lockdown with a quarantine glow. Here are a few simple ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Weekly Facemask Fridays, dedicate a little time in your week to sit back and pamper your pretty little face.
  • One night a week, have a digital detox where you just listen to an album, read a book or pop on a podcast and of course, light your favourite candle. Set an ambience and enjoy a little downtime away from your screen. 
  • Trim those split ends or boys- shape up. One of my fave celeb hairstylists, Jen Atkins, has been posting some simple IGTV tutorials on trimming your hair at home, so why not give it a go, and besides, if you mess it up you’ve probably got at best a month or two for it to grow out. 

2. Get Those Creative Juices flowing – We’ve decided to keep this point pretty general as not everyone has the same creative outlets. 

( Carmela ) Since growing up, I’ve most definitely let work and everyday life take over. I’m sad to say that I’d lost my passion for painting and crafts – so, in other words, I’ve grown up and become boring. Whilst being housebound, I’ve decided to explore different mediums to get those juices flowing. So far I’ve dabbled in painting, sketching, cross stitching and my next projects include tie-dying a sweater or two and making my own candles. I’d love to see how you spark your creativity, so be sure to tag #lostworldwide on Instagram so we can inspire each other.

3. Keep a journal. This may sound really simple but speaking from experience, it can help to not only gather your thoughts but to keep track of the days. ( I don’t know about you, but every day feels like a Sunday since being on lockdown). Now what kind of journal you keep is totally up to you, some people opt for gratitude journals, other a worry journal. No matter which variation of journal keeping you opt for I can guarantee it will aid in boosting morale and keeping you on track. It can also help with maintaining a routine, which can be crucial for those of you working from home. 



4. Exercise as a Happy body = a Happy mind  We all know how easy it is to stay tucked up in bed like a little burrito bingeing the latest Netflix show ( don’t get me wrong we all have those days ). However, at a time where our movement is restricted to our homes or neighbourhoods, it’s important we stay active, not only for our mental health but also to simply stay fit. There are hundreds of free workout guides or IGTVs that will have you burning off those lockdown calories in no time.

5. Movie marathon mood lifters– What better way to escape the panic of today than jumping into the wonderful world of a Disney classic, a mood-lifting musical or the cringiest of romantic comedies? The beauty of being enthralled in your favourite feel-good film is that even for an hour or 7, the chaos of the world around you can start to feel just that little bit further away. 



6. Positivity playlists- Set yourself up for the day ahead, with a playlist to get you leaping- (or just rolling) out of bed! Before tuning into the day’s news, why not set your mood with a personalised selection of soul-warming songs? These could be the tracks that blast you back to the most blissful travel moments, the disastrous dance routines you used to reenact with your siblings- before accepting that you probs weren’t going to be the 8th members of S-Club 7, or even just the soulful songs you occasionally belt out in the shower. Either way, this positivity packed playlist will hopefully transport you to sillier whats and sunnier days, reminding you that even if those memories seem far away, they’re only just a few songs away!

7. Read the day away – Dust the old books off your shelves and get stuck into the twisting plots of your favourite novels. You could even use this time to explore genres that you wouldn’t usually opt for, and if your shelves aren’t offering a tale that tickles your fancy, then perhaps you could become your own storyteller. You don’t have to produce the nation’s next best seller, but everything starts with an idea, and getting creative is always a good one. 

If you’re looking for a few book recommendations here’s a blog on books that will have you shining from within despite the weather.

8. Virtual dates with mates– Thanks to the endless wonders of modern technology, we’re all able to catch up with our mates via a multitude of different digital platforms. Though these video calls will probably involve significantly less antics than your usual Friday night catch-ups, you can still keep your calls quirky with fancy dress or face mask Fridays.


9. Swap procrastination for meditation- In case you get bored of passing the hours in pure procrastinating bliss, meditation can be a peaceful and mindful means of maintaining focus and a sense of calm during the chaos. There are many different apps and plenty of online platforms that offer you guidance through a tranquil meditation experience.

10. Old family photo fun- What better way to beat the boredom than to take a trip down memory lane? Dig through the ancient archives of your family photos or home videos as you bond over why on earth your parents dressed you in those double denim numbers. If this doesn’t bring everyone a little closer, then at least the pics of your parents sporting those awkward hair styles-that they assure you were ‘really in’, will surely put a little smile on your face! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collaborative blog post by myself ( Carmela Elizabeth ) and Jessica Repetti, and as always don’t forget to tag us if the above list has helped or inspired you!