Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Trekking Mount Batur was high up on our Bali Bucket List as it came highly recommended by a friend and seemed like a great way to start a new day on this incredible island.

Mount Batur is located in the far north-east of Bali, around 40km from Ubud, approximately 1 hr 30 mins drive by car. You can’t trek Mount Batur without a guide so no matter the tour operator, transport to and from the mountain should be included. We opted for Air BnB experience and paid approx. 85£ for two people and this included pick & drop off from our villa in Ubud (2 am pickup), the guide for the trek, entry to the hot springs and finally a tour of a coffee/tea plantation. So great value!

Now instead of giving you a rundown of each stage of the climb, it’s far more worthwhile us giving you some tips and must know before you ascend this mountain. The first thing to note is that the approximate distance for trekking Mount Batur is  9km there and back, depending on which trail you take. We opted for the easy trail, and your guide will give you the option whilst heading up the mountain.

1. Wear sensible shoes, not only will this benefit you on the climb up but trust us the descent isn’t easy in standard trainers, we have the cuts and bruises to prove it. During the climb the terrain varies from volcanic gravel to muddy/sandy trails so just be sure to have shoes with grip.

2. Bring a jumper, even if you only wear this for the initial stages of the climb it’s very really cold on the mountain. You soon warm up but definitely worth layering up.

3. Pack light, take it from us carrying a huge backpack with 3 cameras and various lenses inside is not fun.

4. Don’t get a ‘taxi’ up, these taxis are dirt bikes. We can promise you the reward of climbing to the top unaided to witness one of Bali’s sunrises is so great plus they can’t take you up the whole way due to difficult terrain so really what’s the point.

5. Wild Monkeys, nothing to be alarmed by but simply to be aware of the fact that Monkeys live at the top of Mount Batur, they occasionally approach tourists so be careful they don’t get into your bags as they are very efficient pickpocketers.

6. The Climb is classified as being of mediocre difficulty but honestly, it’s really not that hard! Just be prepared for an early morning work out and to eat breakfast 1717 meters up amongst the clouds!

Good Luck and definitely tag us #lostworldwide in your Bali pictures!