We are a generation who take great pride in documenting every tiny aspect of our holidays- and why not?! Why wouldn’t we want to rub our summer fun in the envious, vitamin D deprived faces of our fellow Brits back home? I therefore, will not attempt to stop you from engaging in let’s be honest- a rather satisfying way to pass the time, but instead encourage us all to spend a little less of our holiday doing it for the gram, and more of it catching that tan!

Step 1: Eat the food while its hot, before it’s really not.

As I’m sure we can all agree, food is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and therefore deserves our full, undivided attention. Take time to truly immerse your senses in the foreign cuisine of your choice, and devour that deliciously prepared dish, as soon as it’s presented piping hot on your plate.

Who doesn’t love a brunch flatlay? Photo – Unsplashed

The time has come to give our starving friends a break and think twice before we ask them to wait 10 minutes before they’re permitted to indulge in their meal, all to ensure that we’ve captured the food’s maximum model potential. So, before we go to paparazzi a pepperoni, let’s try to take just the one snap and swiftly proceed in scoffing the heavenly meal down. One more thing, whatever you do- do NOT turn the flash on! This classic error will only invite disapproving glances from fellow holidaymakers when the lightning bolt from your phone boldly illuminates the entire candlelit room- we’ve all been there.

Step 2: Do more, document less.

Everyone has at some point adopted the highly responsible role of amateur photographer when travelling amongst friends. In some cases, parents can even be recruited as designated beach photographers. But just think of all the exhilarating explorations or precious tan time we compromise whilst relentlessly testing the patience and photographic skills of our loved ones.

If ever there existed a generation who could master the intricate art of staging that Oscar-worthy ‘candid’, it’s us! But let’s put an end to obstructing pedestrians with selfie sticks or recruiting trendy looking teenagers to capture our squad pics. Instead, I challenge us all to limit our camera roll to a maximum of 5 pictures of ourselves for one holiday. This eliminates the familiar frenzy we all face when producing that perfect, post-worthy pic, and will encourage us to spend our precious holiday time doing more and documenting less!

Step 3: Shake it like a polaroid picture.

If you however do feel the desire to document your sunny stay, I’d suggest you switch your smart phone for the stylish polaroid camera. No professional photographic training is needed to master this device- (even I was able to figure it out with only 2 weeks of photography AS under my belt). Though the pricey polaroid is an investment, it is most definitely one worth making. This alternative form of capturing sunset snaps might lack the comfort of our beloved filters, but with little means of altering the pretty polaroids, the pictures they produce will be raw with originality.

Polaroid Cameras as the way to go!     Photo – Unsplashed

Plus, we can replace editing time with tan time- which let’s admit is always a good thing. Besides, holding a camera around your neck creates the illusion that you’re a fancy photographer who really knows what they’re doing. So, let’s shake up our snapping system, opt for the quick and easy polaroid pictures and start doing it less for the gram and more for the tan!