About Us

Welcome to Lost WorldWide ! Let me cover the basics and introduce the magazine.


Lost WorldWide is an online creative platform for all things travel related. We strive to inspire and encourage individuals to travel & explore the world, whilst discovering new cultures, cuisines, and climates.

​We like to call ourselves an online magazine, and as you may have already gathered, we have various writers and contributors. Some people refer to us as a travel blog and in shorts that’s what we are. However, we revolve around the concept of creating a community of like minded individuals with similar passions and hobbies.


Our end goal is to share content about travelling and to feature bloggers/influences and anyone in between. So if you fancy a go at writing for us or sharing your poems, photography through us you know what to do. Creativity takes courage so bite that bullet and … EMAIL US!


At Lost WorldWide ( which is what actually lead to us taking shape ) we don’t think it should be hard to get your voice heard, but we all know it can seem a mammoth task to compete with well known accounts & blogs already existing in the online sphere. Hence we want you to write for us and use this platform.