5 “Must-Sees” Barcelona: Tourist Attractions That Are Actually Worth the Crowds
Barcelona has always been a city on my “Must See” list. It is known for it’s lively night life and its beautiful beach town atmosphere, but with everything that Europe has to offer as well. We spent our days enjoying the sun, the beach, and the amazing architecture all around. With so much to offer where do you begin? I have put together my Top 5 “Must See” Tourist Attractions in Barcelona that are actually worth the crowds.


  1. Barceloneta Beach:
This beach stretches as far as you can see. This was one of our favorite beaches because of the atmosphere, the food, and the view! The beautiful coast has fun shops, amazing restaurants, and is a great place to lay out your towel and spend the day relaxing. Although it is a “tourist” beach, there is definitely space for you to grab a drink and soak in some rays.
  1. Citadel Park
This 70-acre park is filled with beauty. The Citadel Park used to be the only known “green area” in Barcelona and it does not disappoint. It is an amazing place to enjoy a picnic and relax in the sun. Home to beautiful fountains, a lake, statues, museums, the zoo, and so much history, you could spend the day in the park alone! Grab a churro, grab a good book and enjoy everything that the Citadel Park of Barcelona has to offer.
  1. Park Guell
Park Guell is the home of the famous painted tiles by Guell & Gaudi. This one of a kind site is something to put on the top of you Barcelona “must-see” list. The architecture, tiles, and beautiful colors are unlike anything else. Be sure to get there early, or book in advance, before the tickets run out for the day!
  1. La Sagrada Familia
This Basilica is famously unfinished, but absolutely stunning. This huge landmark is one that you shouldn’t miss. The outside is absolutely stunning and the different facades on each side tell beautiful stories. You can get an amazing photo from the back side of it near the pond. The inside is just as beautiful with it’s huge columns and beautiful ceilings. La Sagrada Familia is a “must see”, and everyone else seems to think so as well. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to get a time slot at this incredible temple.
  1. Barcelona Cathedral
The Barcelona Cathedral sits in the middle of the Gothic Area in Barcelona. It’s a hidden gem in this beautiful city. You turn the corner to an almost hidden view of this stunning Cathedral. The facade is so detailed and definitely a must see! Go early in the morning to skip the crowds.
I was not disappointed with everything that Barcelona had to offer, from the sites, to the food, to the beaches. It was an incredible holiday with so much to do and see. I hope you enjoy your holiday in Spain and definitely check out my Top 5 “Must See” Tourist Attractions that are actually worth the crowds!