When “Staying Home” became a thing, I was trying to stay positive and think that this time could be used to give myself a break, sit in front of my TV screen and catch up on all the shows I never had time to watch. Sure it was nice… for a while, until I began feeling an emptiness – my lack of creativity was really bothering me. My soul was literally itching to create which is not always easy to do when staying inside. So… I’ve summed up my 15 ways to be creative while staying at home for you guys. It’s either this or go mad right?

Indoor Photo Shoot

As I’m a content creator, my job revolves around creating content for my own social media platforms but also that of brands. Getting creative with indoor photoshoots was a fun new challenge for me. Whether you create content for fun or for work, you can stage indoor photoshoots to spark some creativity. I hung up white bedsheets, picked props ( in this case I used flowers) and I took pictures in my bedroom. When shooting indoors it’s important to utilise the beautiful natural light in your home.

Start Writing

Writing for me is so therapeutic and with lockdown, in place, I suddenly found myself with a bunch of time on my hands so I wanted to start writing more often. I have made it a goal to write at least one blogpost a week. You can start a blog ( you can check out mine here ), write poetry, get up to date on your journal, or write letters to loved ones. There’s something about putting pen down to paper that helps unlock more creativity.

Learn how to play an Instrument

It’s always been a goal of mine to learn how to play a new instrument. If you have wanted to play the piano or learn guitar, now is your chance! There are so many resources for you to learn on the internet, the possibilities are endless.

Improve your Painting Skills

There are so many different ways you can paint! You can paint your living room a new colour, you can paint new pieces of art to hang in your living room, or learn how to watercolour. I’ve really been enjoying spending time outside painting! Last week I went on a date where we had to draw each other without looking at the page and then painted the picture we created! It was a silly idea, but made for a lot of creative fun!

Learn a New Language

I’ve been trying to learn French for months and I have been loving the extra time that I have had to learn. There are so many resources online to help you learn a new language. You can purchase an online class, you can chat with other people from different countries, you can download apps like Duolingo & Babble, or my favourite you can watch movies in the language you’re learning.

Arts & Crafts or Work on your Home Decor

Getting crafty is always fun, and it’s a great creative way to pass the time. You could create new home decor pieces, you could try your hand at sewing, or simply start a colouring book for adults or one I’ve yet to try why not test out your origami skills.

Improve your Vocabulary in your Native Language

Nows the perfect time to pick up a book and improve your vocab in your native language. By reading you can learn new words to improve the creativity and quality of your speech. There are apps and websites that you can use to discover new words or sayings.

Try new hairstyles

Now is the time to put your Pinterest hair skills to use. Get creative with new hair styles, fun new braids and updos. Learn to do your hair in a different way every day of the week and try out styles you never thought you would! Alternatively, you could jump on the TikTok hair dying wave.

Giving Yourself a Manicure

Give yourself a little self-care manicure by painting your own nails. You can experiment with new colors and practice creative designs. You could even practice a steady hand by giving yourself a french tip manicure! Whilst nail salons are closed for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time to get creative.

Develop New Skills

You now have the time you complained about never having to learn a new skill. You can choose to dance or develop and practise your singing. I’ve been playing a lot of tennis recently, and even if I’m definitely not heading to Wimbledon anytime soon, I’m having the best time learning to play. So why not develop some new skills and at the very least you can have a good laugh!

Indoor Games

I’ve recently become the queen of puzzles! It sounds like such a grandma thing to do, but honestly, I’ve loved it! There are so many indoor creative games that you can add to your self-isolation itinerary. There’s an endless amount of board games and puzzles that you can try your hand at.

Learn to Bake or Cook

Staying home sometimes means all the days start blending together, but creating new dishes has been a fun way to make my evenings a little different! I’ve been trying new recipes a few times a week to make some creative dishes! Whether you decide to make new meals for dinner or develop your cake decorating skills, I hope you have fun creating something new!

Plant Flowers or Vegetables

One thing that is on my list is to create a vegetable garden whilst stuck at home. I’m terrible at keeping plants alive, but now I finally have the time to learn how to do it! You can add new flowers to your window box, try to plant some fruit and veg in your garden or simply learn to take better care of your potted plants.

Get Fancy With Your Make-Up

Now is the time to perfect that winged liner! A fun way to pass the time is by developing new makeup skills and getting creative with new makeup looks. I do my make up almost the same way every day and it has been fun to create new looks to spice things up.

Meditation/ Yoga

This last one has been a creative lifesaver for me. Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed creativity becomes the last thing on my mind. With all the craziness happening in the world right now, meditation and yoga have really helped me to relax! You could learn some self-meditation/ yoga or follow some guided meditation/yoga tutorials on youtube!

So that concludes my list of how to stay creative whilst stuck at home. Seeing as you can only take so much Netflix before the boredom settles in I hope you guys find the above ideas helpful! Creativity literally makes your body and soul happy and I hope that during your quarantine you can find a little more time to be creative. Try some of the above tips and tricks out and share by tagging Myself and Lost WorldWide on Instagram. If you want some more ideas on how to shift boredom check out our recent blog.